Thomas the Caterer Outdoor Wedding Specialist

This is the follow up to Thomas the Caterer, Awesome East-Midlands Wedding Caterer, where you find out his top tips for outdoor weddings. You can also read Jodie Bidder -of Sami tipi- tips for Outdoor Weddings also on the blog.


Alix: Is your niche “outdoor weddings”

Tom: Yes. We do do weddings at venues, there are a few around here that we work at but yes it si really the outdoor wedding market that we focus on

Alix: Did you choose that or did it choose you?

Tom: We’re good at it. J I found that if I focused enough on one thing, it’d be better than to try to funerals and birthday parties . We still do all that stuff but we are all about the weddings. We had a tipi wedding too and we work a lot with sami tipi.

Alix: So what are your tips? In terms of thinking about food for an outdoor wedding?

Tom: My top tips would be:

  • I’d have a good think about it before you meet your caterer. Do a bit of research on your caterer
  • Make sure they’ve got 5 stars rated premises- which we have
  • and that they show some real life things on social media etc. It’s great to have professional photography for food but also snapshots of the day so you know what you’ll get. So look at their social media and make sure it’s pretty recent as well.
  • Plan what you want, write down any ideas you’ve seen, scrapbook it, collate it and bring it all along
  • The best bit of advice I give everyone , certainly for an outdoor wedding is to prepare for the overwhelm. Outdoor weddings are DIY weddings, they’re a lot more work. The days before your wedding you’ll be preparing for the day, decorating the structure and everyone will want to help. That’s great, lovely, but may be have a good delegation system, make sure everything is in line, Make sure you know who is doing what and that everything you want to happen is covered and people know what they’re doing and how you want it done with a minimal need to ask you for anything, or have people who can answer and help out. Otherwise you’ll have everyone asking you: what shall I do, what about this, shall I do this?  That’s not what you want, you’d be overwhelmed. So prepare for that. I got frazzled the day before my wedding  and I think if I’d been more organised I’d have enjoyed the day before  a lot more.


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