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Wedding Day Timings

Wedding Day Timings

Get your wedding day timings right and relax.. Easier said than done! so, here are a few tips to help you

If you have the ceremony at or before 1pm, you will need to feed the guests twice– except if you finish by 8pm- you could have high tea if you wanted.  You also need to be up very early. Now you might not sleep well because you’ll be excited- and nervous- but getting up really early adds to the stress.

• In France, some people are only invited to the vin d’honneur; ie a drink after the registry, the rest of the crowd goes on to the venue, but the work colleagues and other acquaintances can be a part of it, for a bit.  You can do the same and invite different people for different elements of the day.

• If people travel a long way, it can be good to have a meal, picnic, buffet the day before so people get to know each other before hand, and the same the day after the wedding. At our wedding in France, people came for up to a week!

Group shots are happy occasions to have the family together on one photo as it’s not often we have the whole family together but do limit them if you want time for couple shots and to see your guests! I’d suggest: • parents – and siblings- of one family after the other,

• parents – and siblings- of one family after the other,

• then whole family of one after the other,

• bridesmaids and grooms’ men.

• There will be impromptu ones too. But don’t feel under pressure to be photographed with each person of your wedding party! If you count around 5 minutes per group shot, it’ll give you an idea of how to fit them in your timings.

Give the list of group shots to 2 people who know a lot of the guests and can organise them. Changing background in between groups is best but it depends on speed and mobility- as well as weather, light and  shadows.

• Whole group shots can be fun depending on the layout, but you will just about guess at people, as they will be very small in the picture. Not all venues are suitable for that.

Speeches: please have them after dinner so people aren’t starving and looking at their watches or eating all the bread while listening. Full bellies make people more likely to be a good audience.

Couple shots: do plan time for them, 45 min if possible, as you’ll be delayed and have less time. You don’t want to feel rushed, you want to enjoy being alone at last! So plan what the guests will be doing during that time so you don’t feel guilty. You can have several sessions during the day as the weather changes.

• In many countries, couple shots are  taken before the ceremony- we can arrange a “first look” shoot if you like,  it’s a way to have time- and the emotional surprise- without worrying you’re missing the guests.

• You can also have a couple shoot the day after as it’s really more relaxed. Not to mention trash/love the dress etc. any excuse to wear the dress again!

Things don’t go to plan at a wedding, there are always delays and unpredictable weather.. so don’t be afraid to have an impromptu photo session if the rain stops or there is a great sunset light. We can even wait for sunset, dusk or night for other light effects.

• Being photographed from getting ready to the first dance or just after gives you the whole story, with a natural end. Some people want photographs until the very end, particularly important if there is a special ceremony, like a vidai- or fireworks- and that’s lovely too.

• There are many wedding day timings on-line but they are very prescriptive and might not suit you, for example you might want a reception line, or you might not.

Be careful about all the must-dos, remember it’s your day and you choose what’s important, get advice from people who support you rather than try to impose things on you.

I’m very happy to be a sounding board and discuss your ideas, give me a call 07763064497 Speak soon, Alix



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