A Very Personal Wedding Guest Signing Book

When you’re planning your wedding, with your fiance, and may be also your families, you decide on the exact mix of traditional and personal your wedding will have, whatever your culture. Some areas are obviously more traditional while others leave you free to show your tastes and creativity.

Getting your guests to leave  messages is both a short term and a long term pleasure. On the day, your guests get to write something they might not be able to tell you and you have these sweet words to go back to whenever you want. There are many ways to collect these notes or signatures, from thumb prints art work to jenga pieces etc- I made a board of these ideas on pinterest, have a look if you want.

Of course one of my favourite ways has to do with photos. A pre-wedding shoot is a fantastic way to be really confident with your photographer and with each other in front of the camera  so a great way to collect all these memories in one place is to get a signing book photo album. You can see my pre-wedding shoot photos here, but today I wanted to show you an album  as if you were in my house and you could feel it. Seeing images on line and touching them is quite different so I got as close to that as I could, with the help of my own lovely husband whom I asked to film!

Let me know what you think. And if you know anyone who just got engaged, I’d be grateful if you sent them this.

Thank you. Alix.


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