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Wedding Theme or No Theme?

Wedding Theme or No Theme?


If you read wedding blogs and bridal magazines, it sounds like everyone is having a wedding theme or at least a colour theme. So what are the pros and cons?

Wedding themes can be as varied as a concept like Rustic, English country Garden, Vintage;  a era or fashion: Downton Abbey, 1940s, Art Deco; a idea: a day at the beach, exotic islands.  They can be based on what you like doing: books, travel etc

They can be based around a colour scheme  eg red ; around a character or story you love eg Dr Who, Harry Potter, Disney etc.

The great thing about having a theme is that everything fits together and the choices are narrowed. Once you know what theme you want and whether you want it blatant or subtle, it narrows down your choices in terms of decors, stationery, florals so that way it’s easier. It eliminates the temptation to buy things that don’t fit- although not the temptation to add more to your theme! So decide on your priorities before you go and spend on details. 

Brides who haven’t had a theme say that the best things were to have everything they liked  with no restriction or fear that it wouldn’t fit in; that it is truly unique and original as no-body else would do it the way you would, and that it can be cheaper if you’re not sticking to a theme.

The third solution is mixing elements of what makes a theme work with the freedom of not having a theme. In my experience, things come together anyway. We didn’t set up having a theme, we just chose elements that suited, fitted and represented us and that became a unifying element.

In all the weddings I’ve photographed, I’ve never though: oh that doesn’t go together. If I was surprised, I thought it creative and free thinking. I enjoyed the themed- weddings I linked through earlier as they’re exciting and interesting, but I love the uniqueness of all weddings.

Having very wide themes allows you to fit in different elements you like, for example: Bright and bold would leave you a lot of freedom to choose what you like.

I found these tips in Bridal Musings and liked their take on wedding themes


Alice in Weddingland offers another view point. She advises when planning a theme to only pick 3 elements (e.g. accessories, colours, dress) ; then 3 qualities of your couple ( e.g. relaxed, fun, down to earth) and to mix it so the theme is uniquely you. She points out that having all elements of the wedding themed could get too much.

If you need someone to discuss your ideas with, I’d be happy to be a sounding board, I keep my service personal so I capture your personalities, not just standard wedding photos, whether you have a wedding theme or not.

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