About Lumiere Photography

Documentary Family and Wedding Photographer

Finding beauty in everyone, every moment.

I shoot from the heart.

This is the place for couples and families who cherish real moments over posed perfection, believe in the beauty of candid photographs, and seek to immortalise their genuine connections with authentic, natural photography.

. I am more of a storyteller, believing in the power of candid moments over perfectly staged editorial photos. Because I know you want timeless, authentic photos that capture your true emotions and the essence of your relationships – heirlooms that will tell your story to future generations and remind you how you felt in those very moments, years down the line

That’s why, with your photos, you’ll have a collection of images that feel fresh and real. These images will keep alive the natural expressions, the personalities, the connections, the moments that truly matter. In essence, I blend documentary photography with natural artistry, allowing you to relive your most cherished memories time and again. Looking back at these photos, you will feel a deep gratitude for your life’s most precious moments, small and big.

Why do I focus on authenticity?

 My mother took us to photographic studios where we posed awkwardly so, every time I look at my photos I cringe, that’s why I won’t pose you- but if you need direction I will give you prompts and ideas you can make your own.

The photos I do like from my childhood are those my mum took of us kids playing or dreaming, but I don’t have photos of the four of us together. Yet as my parents grow older, it’s the photos where I can see the love they gave me that are most precious.

So when you have a great time together,  the photos  capture exactly who you all are, the fun you have, the love you share, all of you together, in smaller groups and individual portraits, so both you and your kids can look back and enjoy remembering.

My photographic style: natural, documentary, artistic.

Your family photos will be candid memories of having a good time. Whether it is playing or cuddling, what matters is your fun and connection . You can bring games, pets,  I can bring bubbles, we do the groups you want and a lot more candid family portraits

A documentary wedding photographer, I mainly capture what happens, without fuss. For couple photos, ignore me and focus on each other, I give you prompts you can interpret to make them yours so you don’t feel awkward

I use the light to your best advantage, use colours, textures, lines, reflections to give you natural yet artistic images

As a female photographer and a mother, I shoot maternity photos outdoors and indoors, as undressed as you choose, but also birth, and can help a bride with her underwear if needed. I’m here for you whatever it means on the day.

I also love making albums, telling the story of your day, your moment to go back to and share.

family photographer Leicester for Butterfly wish network

A bit about me: teacher, photographer, yogini

I started my wedding and family photography business in 2012 and have done over 800 photoshoots. I live in  Loughborough, Leicestershire, with my husband, Alkesh. We have two kids and two cats. We had a multicultural wedding in France and another one in England, including elements of Hinduism, Christianity and other cultures, making it totally unique.  See the video to find out more about us.

 Photography for me is a way to be in awe of the beauty of each person, each moment. I shoot  with love and gratitude.

Once a teacher always a teacher so I teach photography one to one in and around Loughborough

I practice yoga and meditation, love everything about nature, but also dancing, traveling, learning, I am never bored!

Want to know more?

I used to be a primary teacher and summer camp leader.  The saying goes to never work with kids and animals but I love their spirit and candour.

I have shot weddings of all faiths  in UK, Europe and Africa, from 4 to 600 people, picnics to castles, from 1 hour to 3 days. I have also captured two proposals!

I photograph life from birth to the end of life and funerals, with maternity, newborns, families, pets and all of life events, big and small.

I also work with charities like Butterfly Wishes Network and Gift of a Wedding because sometimes all I can do is offer my skills with compassion.

If you think we’re on the same page, please  get in touch, I look forward to hearing from and about you.


Lumiere Photography, portrait and wedding photographer in Leicester, UK, abroad.

“Alix is able to take such wonderful photographs not just because of her skill with a camera, but because of her passion for people. She captures the essence of the moment in a flash with a photo you’ll treasure forever. She takes time to get to know you and your wishes. She’s wonderful with everyone including children and babies. From the start she makes it her mission to make you feel at ease and smile, which is why her photos are all so natural and not posed. Her clients come back for more which is surely the greatest recommendation!”

Christine Keeley