Family photoshoot Leicester where nobody gets bored

No posing, no cheesy grin, no feeling awkward. Just fun family time, making memories for you, for them.

family photoshoot Leicester- little girl laughing

No need to say cheese- ensuring everyone enjoys the photoshoot.

No rush, no pressure, no stress. If a child- or an adult-doesn’t want to play, smile or look at the camera, they don’t have to.

I bring games, ideas, surprises and follow the kids’ ideas too so everyone is happy. It’s a mix of suggestions and complete candids; a mix of group shots and individual portraits -including pets.

From laughter to cuddles: real families, real love.

You know it’s true: you blink and they’ve grown up,  we only get 18 summers, we miss them already. Photos capture the moment and your relationship so that you can recall their smell, giggles, shyness, daringness, their uniqueness that melts your heart.

From birth to old age, illness and funerals. Whatever special needs or conditions, everyone matters, and memories are priceless.

family photoshoot loughborough- sisters
bradgate park family photoshoot in autumn

At home, outdoors, or both.

We go to your favourite location in Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire etc.

Sisters, mum and daughter, grandparents, best friends, one person, 4 generations, big groups, small groups, portraits of everyone.  There is no limit on the number of people or outfit changes!

Pets are more than welcome. Bring what makes you happy: musical instrument, football, dressing up, picnic… Ask the kids what they’d like, get them involved, let them lead!

 Family photoshoots prices and tips

Photoshoot prices

The sessions are between 1-2 hours, may be longer for newborns.

Mini shoot: £125 for 5 photos. You can buy additional photos at £25 each or upgrade to all of them after the shoot for an additional £175.

Full photoshoot: £275 for 50 photos minimum.

If you like a bargain, book 2 full photoshoots for £450 or three for £600.

For events and parties: it’s £275 for two hours, and £100 per hour afterwards.


Albums and coffee table books available from £100

Frequently Asked Questions

Please ask if you have any other question.

If it rains, we can rearrange. Or shoot in the rain, snow, it can be fun! You choose.

Families with special needs are welcome.

For very young babies, we can stay indoors- I’ll need as much natural light as possible.

For maternity I can also do indoors photos with studio lighting.

For tips and ideas on how to make your family photoshoot perfect for you, please click here.

Some family photoshoots from my portfolio

Maternity photography


Newborn and family




Free range children


Christmas at home


What My Clients Say

"I have never felt very comfortable in front of a camera so I am usually the one taking photos. I was afraid I wouldn’t know what to do with myself, but Alix’s approach allowed all of us to look very natural, as we were just playing together rather than posing! The children never got bored for a second as the session is so well paced and the activities so varied – in fact they really loved it and didn’t want it to end! The photos are beautiful and I have printed many already, we now have whole family photos where I like myself! "

– Caroline Belfie

"We have had family photoshoots in the past and they have seemed like work. A lot of posing and fake smiling. This wasn’t like that. You captured our family in a dynamic and flattering way. The photos of the children capture their personalities but still convey the relationships between them. When I look at these photos, I see relationships and energy and affection."

– Carolyn


Maternity, babies and family photoshoots Leicester, Loughborough, Nottingham, Derby, Rutland and surrounding areas

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