Baby photography in Leicestershire

Oh I do love babies. I get broody, I remember my little ones- now taller than me! Aren’t you endlessly amazed by their minute perfection and their communicative powers?  Baby photography is an adventure, as we never know what their mood is going to be like. So I never promise this or that special image. Instead I enjoy meeting each one as a unique little person. In terms of timing too, it’s unrealistic to aim for less than 2 hours, with changes, feeds, sleeps etc.

Babies can be photographed both indoors and outdoors, for shorter or longer times depending on the weather. At home sessions are lovely and unique, if it’s cold we can just pop in the garden for a little while. Otherwise we can find another location, a park, a wood to photograph baby and parents. Babies are very cute but it’s so much more meaningful when parents are part of the photoshoot. The relationships, connection, the love, that’s what make it special. Don’t worry about losing weight or having your hair done, when your child grows up they will love these photos just because you’re their mum and dad.

Studies show that children growing up with photos of themsleves around the house have more self esteem. I think, it’s like everything else, it’ depends how it’s managed. I remember photos of me in studios i n my house and I cringed everytime I saw them as I remembered how awkward I felt. The first thing is to have an enjoyable session, the photos are there to remember a good time, not to pretend you had one.

 baby photography at home baby photography outdoors

If you’re looking for baby photography in a natural way, give me a call! 07763064497