Baby photography at home in Leicester

At eleven weeks, Keira isn’t a newborn anymore, the time for the cute photos of a easily posed little one is gone.

Instead she looks at me talking to her and even at the camera although babies quickly loose interest in the camera as it doesn’t interact with them.

I must say I had a really lovely time with her, I cooed and cuddled, sang to her and enjoyed the smell of baby head, it’s something you don’t forget once you’ve had your first child. As I wanted her to be comfortable we started as she was, the outfit she was wearing, a simple baby grow, on the sofa in the living room. I had brought some flash but avoid using it if I can as to not be aggressive on her eyes. Baby portraits on location are sometimes challenging as I never know what to expect so I make the most of the environment.

Starting as she is, also means being able to see if she is ok lying down- she did love standing up, what a strong girl! and sitting up, better position to see round- but indeed she was happy lying on her back.

It also means that I can test the light, and show the parents what we’re going to do and have as a result. It’s very reassuring to know that actually she’s perfect as she is and everything added is just a bonus. No pressure. So then we tried another outfit and background. I bring my big bean bag as it coddles the baby very well. I know she is safe and comfy.

baby photography at home in leicester

It also allows me to raise the baby towards window light.

As soon as I arrived at the house, mum had lit the fire so when we started to undress the little angel, she wasn’t cold and I kept checking that although her fingers and toes were cool, her arms and legs stayed warm as obviously her needs come first- whether it is temperature, hunger, nappy change etc, I know the photoshoot can go over the 2 hours I plan and that’s ok.

As we started to undress the baby, I found she had a really funky outfit underneath and mum had brought a blanket I loved instantly, cheerful and colourful, so I changed the background and took a few photos of her like that. We made a warm water bottle in a furry case to put under her blanket and keep her warm when she was totally undressed. I do love babies in their birth suit, their skin is so soft, their folds so adorable, but I make sure that nothing immodest is shown.

As we’re in December, natural light falls rapidly and these colours are very bright thanks to the living room being on. I did bring different blankets and soft tones suit babies but I love vibrant colours for little ones too, much more funky. I also like this photo, falling natural light only, so a bit more moody- I did some black and white ones and one sepia too but can’t show you everything! I shot around 200 photos, kept 130 and favoured 67, plenty to choose from for one session! I find that’s why I prefer albums to frames: I can’t choose!

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