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Birth photography: the most intense time of your life.

Your labour, your birthing, your baby

Because it’s a miracle and you’re doing it! You’re amazing!  And your baby will know it. They will know you, dad, sister/brother by smell and voice, and by your heartbeat when you’re with them.



I wanted the Birth of my second child captured forever, in a moment frozen in time, that I can look back on time after time. Our baby was born in a pool at home. I thought it would be overwhelming with a team of nine including myself and a photographer, but overall it went swimmingly and Alix made herself at home which put me at ease. She is organised, focused and professional and the images are absolutely stunning.

Jessica Greig - Nottingham

Hi Sweet Lady, thank you SO MUCH!! you really have been wonderful. These. are. PHENOMENAL.The images are so emotive. There aren't even words. You've captured so many beautiful moments, to keep forever. I'm really grateful.

Danielle and Georges - Nottingham City Hospital

I had done my maternity shoot with Alix but when she suggested photographing the birth, I was taken aback. Actually she was an excellent birth partner and I was glad to have her with my husband and I. I never realised how much he’d be worried and cared and looked after me. Seeing how much he’d been for me there even though I wasn’t really aware of him at the time made me cry. Of course there are also the first moments of my son's life, which are just amazing memories. I really recommend having a birth photographer and Alix is really amazing.

Sylvie De Barros - Leicester LRI

I’m with you from your labour to after the birth

From around 5 cm I’m with you – at home or in hospital- and I’ll stay until after the birth to capture how fast s/he changes.  I’ll bring chocolate and massage your back if you want, too.


home birth photographer Nottingham- labour in the birthing pool

Your partner loves you so much

He (or she) is there and hurts with you, honest. And he won’t say it.  He won’t show his tears, his fear, his powerlessness. Because “it’s not about him”.  I’ll show you how much he loves you.

Your brand new baby

Yes it’s all for that miracle of a tiny baby- which felt big enough- her funny face, his recognising your smell, and daddy’s voice. Watch how he/she changes in 2 hours. (Same baby as top photo)

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