Newborn Photographer in Birmingham

You know all the lovely newborn photoshoot images all over the internet, the ones with extremely cute poses? I love them .. but I am wondering, it’s a fashion isn’t it, because they don’t actually sleep or pose like that naturally, so how long will it be before it’s dated?

I do have props and wonderful wraps to swaddle the baby in but am trying hard not to overdo it. In any case, despite being at home, this particular baby’s mood was not for posing. He was a very light sleeper and no amount of heat, shushing or feeding would settle him for long. Newborn photos sessions are unpredictable and unique. . I don’t like it when the pose is more important than the person. I like all the babies I photograph to look like them so when you look back you’ll think: oh s/he still does that.  What do you think? Newborn Photographer in Birmingham newborn sleeping at home photoshoot

What I find really precious too is capturing the connection between the parents and the child, between the parents themselves too. This is not only precious now but will be photos your child will treasure too. Newborn Photographer in Birmingham family portraits with newborn

If you’re looking for a newborn photographer in Birmingham or  the East Midlands, just give me a call, 07763064497