A post-wedding shoot at sunset in Derbyshire

A post-wedding shoot at sunset in Derbyshire

Weddings go so fast and wedding photos are so much fun, why not do some on the wedding day and some another day? In other words, let’s have a post-wedding shoot!


Having  some of your wedding photos taken on another day means:

You can be more relaxed. On the actual wedding day, you are often bound with time lines and want to spend time with your guests, understandably.

Time for creativity. We can share ideas and have more time to explore various locations and experiment with different poses and shots, resulting in more creative and unique wedding photos.

On the wedding day, there might not be enough time to visit various locations for photos. A post-wedding shoot lets you choose a totally different setting such as a beach, park, or picturesque sp

Ideal lighting: A post-wedding photo shoot can be scheduled during the golden hour, around sunset, so you will literally be sun-kissed and glowing. During your actual wedding you don’t want to keep being pulled out  because the light has become ideal, you want to get on with your day and enjoy everyone.

Some couples choose to wear different outfits for their post-wedding shoot, providing a chance to showcase their personalities or wear more elaborate clothing that might not be practical during the wedding ceremony. Or you might want to wear your dress again, either just like on the wedding day or barefoot, with boots, have your air done differently, add some colour, whatever you fancy. You will also be less worried about keeping it pristine.

A post-wedding shoot can be done as an anniversary too, with a little ceremony to renew your vows even- or not, as you wish.

With this couple, we did a post-wedding shoot at sunset in Derbyshire. The bride changed on the rocks so she could climb easily. I had brought my drone but we ran out of time, I only did some test shots but it would be amazing to go back and use the drone there. See what you think!

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If you fancy a post-wedding shoot, do get in touch and share ideas! If a post-wedding shoot at sunset in Derbyshire tempts you, here are some ideas of places.we could visit. 

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