Normanton Church Wedding Love the Dress Photoshoot

Normanton church is such a beautiful venue for weddings and any shoot  that I was absolutely thrilled when Gemma asked me to do a love the dress shoot.

What is a love the dress shoot? An excuse for wearing the dress again! It’s like a wedding couple shoot but without the guests waiting for you, and without the fear of getting the dress dirty.

There are sessions called trash the dress where people play in water or with paint and don’t care about wetting the wedding dress or even ruining it, but love the dress is more subtle, after all you might want to do more than one love the dress shoot! or wear it at a ball, an anniversary.. any excuse really!

We arrived slightly later than planned but caught the last of the light. I had lots of ideas to try with flashes and  I am very happy with the results, let me know what you think.

Getting married? already married? I’d love to capture your love story, in very posed moments like here, or much more natural ones, like the Beloved sessions I do. Do call and tell me what you’d like.

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