bride and groom in addington palace gardens photo by lumiere photography

Addington Palace Wedding

Addington Palace Wedding: Rashi and Anuj

I met Rashi at Pooja’s wedding in Leicester and it was a pleasure to shoot her pre-wedding and her Addington Palace wedding. The day was the longest I’ve ever shot, 14 hours, but full of colours, fun, love and amazement. They had the registry ceremony, Asian wedding and party on the same day, making the most of Addington Palace, a truly beautiful London wedding venue. Rashi had three beautiful outfits and Anuj had Rashi’s name in hennah in his hand, a real sweetie. 

We were glad to have you as our photographer for various reasons. Firstly, you were recommended by our dear friend, Pooja. When we met you, we immediately felt at ease. You quickly understood that we were both quite shy in front of the camera and helped us get comfortable for the shots. You are very pleasant to talk to, as well as understanding the pressure of being the bride and the groom. Our day was quite long and hectic, but you still managed to capture the moments beautifully. We really liked the photographs and would be happy to recommend you to our friends. Thank you so much for capturing our special day  xx

How  happy are you  about ( please give any comment you want)

Very happy with the experience. Everything went smoothly, and we were happy with the results. Excellent communication- Good selection of photographs

Rashi and Anuj

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