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Anglesey wedding with sunset on the beach

Anglesey wedding with sunset on the beach

If you imagine an ideal wedding, what do you think of?

For me it’s one like this one: where the couple oozes love and melts my heart.

Where the getting ready is relaxed and in a lovely location- I actually stayed there the night before and go to know the bride’s party, and could just capture moments throughout the morning as everyone was getting ready.

Where there are enough guests to feel like a party but not so many that it’s impossible for the couple to enjoy everyone’s company.

Where the couple not only loves nature like I do, trust me to capture beautiful photos but also are naturally emotional and just love being romantic and breathing it all in. Where they agree for me to put in another couple shoot session because the light will make it worth their while, and even take off their shoes and go in the sea at sunset.

And the most moving event? when Lea sang to Mandy. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room. Not mine either. I often choke up at speeches, but this time i had a tough time to keep focusing on the viewfinder.

This wedding has two subtle threads, one because Lea loves penguins, and one because Mandy is a Disney fan. But nothing cheesy, nothing childish, just some fun centerpieces she made during the two years they were planning the big day. Can you spot the penguins? yes, the ring boxes and the cake have penguins, but he also has penguin cuff links, and Mandy’s present to him was a watch from the penguin brand, to go with his suit.

They are school sweethearts and have been together 10 years already, no I know they don’t look old enough for that, but I am so glad for them , they love and appreciate each other so much, I hope the future is as beautiful as their big day.

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