Anniversary Photoshoot in Loughborough

In 2011, I shot this gorgeous Italian couple’s anniversary photoshoot in Loughborough.

They were celebrating 17 years together – can you believe it? – and were so much in love it melted my heart.  Just have a look at how they look at each other! I find the last one particularly moving, like they’re taking each other in, breathing each other in..

We’d met the whole family and they’d invited us to come and see them near Venice. We’re now doing just that, so I’m very excited to go back to Venice- it’s been far too long. and I look forward to some romantic days with my husband too.

This time, I’ll do a family photoshoot and capture them as a family. I’ll show you when I come back.  Ciao ciao!

couple in loughborough park

couple in queen's park loughboorughcouple in city centre park loughborough

I love the last one, don’t you? This is what I focus on: your emotions, your relationship, from fun times to deep emotions. Don’t worry about not knowing what to do, or are scared to feel awkward, I’ll give you things to do, things to talk about and you’ll forget I’m here. If you want a photoshoot that captures the bond between you, just give me a call. 07763064497