Autumn pre-wedding photoshoot in Derbyshire

Relaxed, fun engagement photos in nature

Mar and Julian are from Argentina and their photoshoot was a bit of an impromptu since they want to get married in the future but are happy traveling the world right now. But wanted to immortalise their stay in Derbyshire so that’s where I met them.

We were  heading for Matlock with this gorgeous couple when I saw the river, the reeds, the trees, the light and we stopped. It was a bit of an adventure to get to the reeds, we climbed a gate and had a short walk. Mar was a bit shy so she took refuge in Julian’s arms but she enjoyed the games, the playfulness of it all, and relaxed into it. It’s quite often that people say that they wouldn’t have seen how a place was going to look in photos until they saw themselves there in the photos.

I liked the softness of the reeds, like a cocoon around them, and soft to fall into as well- like when Julian disappeared into them! I love how much they laugh together. Often, couples start by being a bit shy, but quickly  turn my prompts into their own ideas and the photos really reflect their personalities.

woman feeling shy and hugging into her boyfriend outside in autumn

red haired woman laughing with her fiance looking at her, in autumn reeds

Isn’t it wonderful to see your loved one laugh?

Couple kissing by the river in autumn

The Derwent river provided a a sweet background, as if they were floating on cloud nine.


Attempt at giving his fiancee a piggy back meant the man fell in the reeds.

The piggy back was a big of a shock! The second time he was more prepared. see her hair fly!

man giving a piggy back to his fiancee in autumn in derbsyshire

In a shoot I want to capture both people’s expressions, show how each is beautiful in their own way. and how they look at each other.

couple hugging in winter reeds

Such softness, such tenderness…

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