Baby and Family Photoshoot in Kegworth

An amazing experience to have Alix taking a family shoot in our garden. I couldn’t be happier with the photos – can’t stop looking at them. Thank you dearly x

Olivia Yates- Kegworth- Leicestershire

   Twice it was postponed because of the weather that keeps this beautiful country green, but this baby and family photoshoot in Kegworth was well worth the wait. The house and garden are beautiful and provided many different feels for the photos so we didn’t go to the Outwoods as planned. Bonus: not only are they a really warm, easy-going, loving family with a super smiley baby- who loved my French nursery rhymes- but they also had a cat, a dog and 48 Koi carps!  Loving people, babies, animals, nature, that’s my paradise. 

So I took photos, a lot of photos of the baby and the family. And as I couldn’t decide between a very slight sepia and the rich colours, I edited most photos twice and gave them the hard work of choosing which ones they want to get printed- they get all the photos of course- if I can’t choose, I’m not making anyone choose either, it wouldn’t be fair.

But to write a blog, to show you what it was like, I had to make a choice and to be honest I could have chosen many others, it wouldn’t matter, I think that’s the secret, not looking for the one I love best, just some I love. That’s why I make collages and albums, or at least multi-frames. I like how different photos at the same moment make the moment come to life.

We started inside as it was very sunny- yes photographers don’t like it when it’s too sunny- not that we’re hard to please,  we just don’t want you to squint, it’s not flattering.  Mum played with baby-  then both parents laid down with him.

Black and white photos lets us focus on the happiness of mum and baby playing together, the background doesn’t detract from that.

In the garden we went round, exploring different backgrounds, and feels. Both parents are very loving and playful with him and you can see that in his reactions.  I can’t remember what dad did to make them both laugh, but it obviously worked!

May be because my dad left when I was young but I’m always very moved by loving daddies.

That heart pulling thing when you can’t stop kissing your baby, smelling, him, touching his soft skin. Make the most of it!

He’ll soon be climbing trees, for now, thankfully mum is holding him!

I love how mum always leans to kiss dad!

At my wedding a child said: I love love.

So do I!

Not too keen to be on his front but I love how fast his expressions change!

Baby in a case! When they sit up, it’s great for the babies to have a space that keeps them safe and from where they can explore. Of course the parents are nearby in case this leaf tastes too good!

A little foot, a finger holding yours, such precious details, and a tired baby who did so well, wasn’t grumpy at all, full of smiles, interactions, expressions.. a real star!

If you’re looking for natural photos for a baby and family photoshoot in Kegworth or surrounding areas, please give me a ring. I look forward to it!