Beach Maternity Photoshoot

Beach Maternity Photoshoot

This is the second part of a maternity photoshoot I blogged already. As you saw, we started at home, then we went to the beach. It was hot in September in Spain, so this was perfect. I discovered that in Spain at least they have beaches for families with dogs. so they play and swim and walk, with their two legged and four legged family members!

As Paula already has a little boy- you can see a natural photoshoot of them when he was much smaller here – , it was also a family day out, digging holes, making castles, splashing about of course. So I took many more photos of the little boy and family than I’m showing here.

Paula can wear anything and look like a princess, she had three outfits- including my nightie 🙂 , for different styles of photos.

We alternated photos of her alone and of the family, the little boy etc. I like capturing interactions very much and anything that show people’s personalities. A maternity photoshoot often focuses on more arty photos which I love too, so this was an ideal mix.

The last part of this maternity photoshoot we did at the science museum in Valencia, a very beautiful, very modern piece of architecture, with strong lines and shadows. Here are the three parts of this: at home, in town and at the beach maternity photoshoot.