Birmingham Wedding with Narrow Boat and Pizza

A Birmingham wedding with narrow boat and pizza- Birmingham wedding photographer

Your wedding can be whatever you want it to be.

Katie and Darron wanted a simple day with their families in parts of Birmingham they like, not far from the registry office so their guests didn’t have to travel far.

Birmingham wedding registry was one of the strictest ones I’ve met, with no photos allowed during the ceremony, only a posed one of them pretending to sign, I am not a fan of fake photos but it was their only one so we indulged. The registry office backs onto the canal, with many great architectural features but it was a very cold day so we didn’t make the most of it and went straight to Bar Epernay near the Mailbox, which has a hearth in the middle and  a private little room enough  for our small party and with walls covered with beautiful bottles.

birmingham wedding photographer: wedding couple

While the guests warmed up, we took time to take some couple photographs. The area had very modern features but also The Peace Garden with beautiful ochre coloured columns of textured stone. On the other side, there were other columns, in colder tones, but with great lines and symmetry. To give a more dramatic effect I used some portable flash and gave some light direction to the poses.

birmingham wedding photographer on narrow boat

The bride and groom had organised a surprise for the guests: a narrow boat trip to the restaurant, along the canal, going under the bridges and watching people walking by.  Everyone loved it. The restaurant was friendly, the kids ran around- and got dizzy- everyone ordered what they wanted and the whole evening was very relaxed. Both couple and staff had made sure that the meal felt special and the wedding cake was duly cut and eaten.


birmingham wedding photographer the cakeAre you getting married? Do you want your wedding day to be a bit different, something that reflects who you are, get in touch, I’d love to hear about it and share tips.

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