Bright and bold themed wedding at Prestwold Hall

Bright and bold themed wedding at Prestwold Hall

For her Prestwold Hall wedding, Beverley chose bright and bold colours, red, green, yellow and orange. Her bouquet was warm, bright and joyful.

bright and bold themed wedding flowers

The bridesmaids dresses were of the same cut but in colours to match the theme and suited her friends’ skin and hair colours. Beverley had asked me if I thought it was too against tradition to have different colours for ther dresses but I had reassured her that having one colour is only one option and taht she should follow her vision. I’m glad she did as they looked lovely

bright and bold themed wedding bridesmaids

The goorm and his groomsmen wore a waistcoat, tie and boutonniere in pale orange. They suited their  light suit, which looked very summery.

brigth and bold themed wedding groomsmen

The chairs, favours, table decorations and the cake all followed the bright orange theme, which suited the light room ornate with golden features such as the mirror and the chandelier.

They had a little suitcase with ribbons for cards and macaroons for favours, with gerberas on the table and on the stationery. The cake was strewn with yellow and orange sugar flowers.

bright and bold themed wedding decorations at Prestwold hall

Even the food and the roses in the park fitted the bright and bold theme. I must say the food is delicious there and beautifully presented.

bright and bold themed wedding prestwold hall weding

The gardens are vibrant with many paths to amble in- or in the case of the kids, to run around in. There is also a park a bit further away which allows for some privacy away from the guests.

bright and bold themed wedding flowers in Prestwold hall parkbright and bold themed wedding

Prestwold is such a beautiful venue indoors and out that it doesn’t need many decorations but still offers the chance to add your touch and theme.

bright and bold themed wedding party at Prestwold hall

The full wedding can be seen here as a YouTube virtual album