Children portraits in cherry blossoms

Children portraits in cherry blossoms- Epinal way, Loughborough

When the cherry trees are in bloom, they don’t last very long so I announce it and people book as soon as possible to make the most of the beautiful setting.

This family had done a mini-shoot at the same spot when the trees were red a year and a half ago. The boys remembered and were just as sweet and as fun as they were a few months ago. The one who had changed beyong recognition was the little one. She had been six months and the is nearly two. So she was a bit shy, a bit unsure to start with and the photos show her being a bit subdued but she came out of her shell very fast and had plenty of fun, she found she could grab petals and shower me with them, which she loved.

I had photographed her birth,and I do have a sweet spot for all the little ones I saw arrive in the world. it’s such an emotional moment, I feel priviledged to be there. Seeing them grow up is always wonderful. Like witnessing an endless blossoming flower.

She is super cute but also brave, strong, fierce, soft, joyful. Such a great mix of qualities. I love the images where she reaches for the branches that are slightly too high, and the ones were she is trying to run to me and somehow loooks like she’s dancing.

I look forward to seeing her and her brothers grow more.

The cherry blossoms are over now, they only last two weeks, now it’s the bluebells, so if you’d like children portraits in the bluebells, or couple’s photographs, or family’s or dogs’ let me know soon. Thank you.