Flora and James met at uni so for they wanted the photos of their Chinese wedding photoshoot in Lincoln town and university. They will celebrate their wedding in China, in red of course, and have a small gathering for their registry wedding here. But the pre wedding photoshoot is very important for a Chinese wedding, usually with a white wedding dress.

I was discovering Lincoln with them and enjoyed the tour, we walked around- and up and down too, pausing when we found interesting places for photos. We started with where they went for their first date, but as we were shooting late in the day to avoid crowds and get the best light, the coffee house was shut.

Sometimes it’s the places you least expect that give interesting photos with reflections, colours, etc.

When people pose it’s great when they have a sense of fun and play with the images, props etc.

Of course we went to Lincoln Cathedral, the castle gardens etc

I love collages because there is movement, a story.

Then we went to Lincoln university.

Balloons are very photogenic but not very good for the environment!

Flora changed and we found a beautiful wall in the university

It’s a good idea to bring different clothes to a photoshoot, it gives a different feel to the photos.

Of course, these are just my favourites, there are many others, with barges, swans, uni buildings etc.

The title photo is in the library. we didn’t have a sunset but got these amazing colours instead.

If you’ve met at university and want to revisit the places you met, went on dates, had fun , where you story began, let me capture your new memories.

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