Christmas family photoshoot at home

Christmas family photoshoot at home in Newark, Nottinghamshire

I don’t often shoot family photoshoots at home because of it can be dark, and it’s good when kids- and adult-s ahve room to move about, to be themsleves. That’s why I like big parks, woods, fields etc. But when there is light and room, it’s great to capture people in their everyday life.

Of course everybody feels awkward to start with. Try to be natural on command!  But eventually, especially around kids- and pets, people relax and just do what they normally do, play, chat, tickle,  laugh, eat, dance, have a mardy may be, jump on beds, that’s normal life. It’s the kind of moments we want to remember from our kids’ childhoods, and our parents’ lives, and each other.

Of course, when we get everyone looking at the camera- if we get them to look at the same time, it’s a nice photos of everyone at once. So there is space for both, groups and candids, real expressions, real moments, the ones we miss later on.

A Christmas photoshoot can be cold and dark but the decorations and lights make up for that. It did rain, but we managed to spend a little time outdoors. Riding on daddy’s shoulders, playing with bubbles, kicking the football was just enough to leep warm and work out an apetite.

When the  photoshoot is finished, what would you do with the photos? I love albums, so I make a virtual one for the family to share and enjoy. Of course, they can get a printed one too to look back on and show friends later on.

If you’re looking for a family photoshoot at home, outoddors or a bit of both, I shoot in Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire but also sometimes further like Yorkshire, Birmingham, Northamponshire, so just ask, I love discovering new places.

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