Destination Wedding Photographer Morocco

Destination Wedding Photographer in Morocco : Amel and Rob

Amel and Rob hired me to shoot their Windsor wedding and they mentioned they were having their big party in Marrakesh. Of course I asked them if I could come along, wouldn’t you? they said yes and I spent five days living the dream in an amazing villa- available for other weddings should you feel like hiring it-  The wedding was entirely at night, outdoors so quite a challenge but I loved it and couldn’t sleep even after going to bed at 4 am. I’d shot weddings with horses before,  but not with belly dancers and fire eaters. Amel’s four outfits were utterly amazing, the purple one was covered in semi-precious stones and must have weighed a ton but I know she still wears it for events. And she ended up.. no I’m not telling you, just watch.. 

There was another photographer and I realised once more how much every thing is cultural as the expectations there was that he would shoot with direct flash, run to get the prints and sell them to the guests. Something to bear in mind when choosing a destination wedding. 

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