Dogs photoshoot at Elvaston Castle

Dogs photoshoot with their humans at Elvaston Castle

It started as a dogs photoshoot but of course, when you are walking with your fiancé(e), and have a photographer, why not get photos of the two of you too. So it wasn’t an engagement or couple photoshoot as such. Dogs take up a lot of time and attention and Lua was upset every time we were focusing on Rio, he’s her best friend and she has separation anxiety when away from him, even for a minute! Theyr’e a cavapoo and a cockerpoo, both beautiful and photogenic but of very different temperament. Lua is full of energy, she can be reactive to other dogs, whereas Rio is calm, easy, the dream dog.

Elvaston Castle is a beautiful place, full of different backgrounds, so perfect for portraits, family shoots, couple photoshoots and now I know, perfect for dog photos too. I thought I knew the place quiet well, having been there regularly, but when I scouted it with my husband, with the dog photoshoot in mind, I discovered the nature reserve area- where dogs aren’t allowed- and during the shoot, I discovered the amazingly beautiful Old English Garden!

dog photoshoot at elvaston castle


couple photography Dogs photoshoot with their humans at elvaston castledogs photographey at elvaston castle

cockerpoo at elvaston castle dog photography at elvaston castle

As it’s a large park, it’s easy to avoid people and enjoy the photoshoot without feeling observed or intruded upon. There are plenty of paths, different gardens, many beautiful species of trees, a lake so it’s varied and great for people of all ages, with or without dogs.

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