Don’t just take photos of your kids!

Don’t just take photos of your kids!

Of course I love kids, aren’t they cute, and sweet, and even their crying and tantrum faces make great photos. We want to take hundreds, thousands of photos of them because their expression change in a blink, literally, and they grow up incredibly fast and we are going to miss them, miss the little ones version of them as they grow up. (I feel so fortunate that I dream a lot so sometimes I get to see them again when they were 4, or 10 or wherever my dreams take me)  What wouldn’t have give to go back in time and not be rushed, not care about things and just enjoy them more.

Leicester newborn photography at home- baby a few days old

Their expressions change fast and we want to remember them all!

I never understood my mum telling me she missed me. I was like: hello! I’m here. Now I get it. Like a lot of parenting things I had to get to that point to get it. And I still take photos of them, when I can, but it’s less easy now that they’re big, they don’t say no but I feel strange , like a stalker. They’re at uni now and I am afraid that our family albums will be full of flowers and butterflies, of lovely places I visited but with little of them.

Anyway, what I meant was twofold :

  • Don’t just take photos of your kids and leave them on the computer, do something with them! If like me you can’t choose, make albums, do multi-frames, collages. I have both collages of their photos when they were little- tiny thumbnails of photos that take me back to that moment, and yearly albums. We use Blurb. I don’t get anything for telling you. I tried many albums and I also like Bob books but I prefer the large landscape size that Blurb does, just stay away form the fold of the page because otherwise you loose the image. They do a lie flat version now, which I was very excited about but it’s only made in the US so I had to pay a hefty tax which I wasn’t told about, so I wasn’t happy. I’ll wait until they make them in Europe.
  • The other thing that’s important, is that it’s not just your kids who are important but the relationship they have with you, so make sure you’re all in the photos, not just the kids.
    baby photoshoot leicester with toddler

    Photos with mum, with dad, so they will see how loved they were, and they will see you too, as a young parent.


    If I can help with photos, album design or anything else, get in touch, I look forward to hearing from you. Alix 07763064497