pre-wedding party in farnborough

A very jolly engagement party at The Aviator Hotel Farnborough

A very jolly engagement party at The Aviator Hotel Farnborough

The Aviator n Farnborough is such a fabulous venue that it deserves a separate article, and this was the venue chosen by Michael and Stephanie for their engagement party.

Many people who marry abroad have a weddiing party in the UK for the friends and family they would like to celebrate with  but who can’t travel. This lovely couple is planning their wedding next year in Zimbabwe. So to get everyone in the mood, they organised a very special engagement party. What makes any event unique, more than the decors, the venue, the entertainment, is the people themselves. And what moved me most about this event was Michael singing for his bride to be. He sang her romantic songs and it was from the heart, and with some cool moves too.

 Stephanie came in dancing and her face was glowing with happiness. Their first dance was a real dialogue, the connection between them was lovely to see.      

engagement party at the aviator farnborough
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All in all, such a fantastic party in a fabulous venue, I can’t imagine what the wedding will be like! There was cutting of the cake, speeches and thank yous. We had group shots, formal and informal in the fabulous staircase of The Aviator Hotel. For the couple shots, I wanted a cinematic feel to this wonderful setting and used a spotlight. I loved how people of all ages showed their moves on the dance floor.

It’s also the chance to take individual portraits of the guests, whether they are aware of it or not.

If you’re engaged, get in touch and let’s see how fun we can have.

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