Engagement photoshoot in Stowe Gardens

Engagement photoshoot in Stowe Gardens

If you want to make sure you’re relaxed on your wedding day and feel comfortable with your photographer, an engagement photoshoot is great. It is la lovely way to get to know each other and get beautiful photos to display on the day .

We’d picked the location for the pre-wedding photoshoot because it was meeting half way but we had such a good surprise! It was somewhere between Jane Austen’s Picturesque England and .. Ancient Greece. I half expected people in quaint costumes, like Little Bo Peep to be gambolling with the lambs.  Mel has a lovely, soft smile and kind ways. She also has a great sense of fun and lots of energy.  Nathan’s keen eyes were making the most of the exceptional environment we were in, while staying relaxed and friendly.  It was interesting getting to know them, what they liked, how they differ before the wedding and sharing such a gorgeous day with together.

We finished in the cafe with tea and cakes, which was a delicious opportunity to discuss their wedding plans and what they liked or not, what they had in mind. They have chosen a really special venue, where Mel’s brother got married too and where there ia waiting list as it’s a school during term time so it’s only available during holidays. Stowe gardens in a way announced their venue from the classical buildings, but also provided a many natural settings which will give them a wide range of styles to display in their new home. I tend not to do the pre-wedding shoots in the wedding venue to give you more choice of photo styles and so it doesn’t turn out to be a rehearsal. I like keeping each experience fresh and unique

engagement photoshoot in stowe gardens in various settings
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