Family Photography in Leicester

Family Photography in Leicester

If you’d love a family photography session but dread being in front of a camera, look at what a Beloved photoshoot is like.

In one word: it’s fun. I invite you to play games so everyone is engaged, forgetting the camera and just having quality time as a family.

You get to enjoy the kids being themselves without having to tell them to behave or smile or look at the camera, just be.  Everything- except hurting people- is ok, even sulking, or  the little one playing football on his own for a while or showing me his best toys.

The aim is for the kids- and the adults- to love every minute of it, with surprises, games, opportunities to be silly etc.  Just have a look.

You get action photos: nobody’s bored

family photography in leicester: family jumping in the air

You get group photos: nobody’s behind the camera and missing out

family photography in leicester family portraits
You get individual photos of each person: nobody’s get left out

family photography in leicester telling stories

You get interaction and reaction: nobody’s fed up

family photography in leicester children playing

You have a lot of fun: real laughter, nobody has to say cheese.

family photography in leicester Parents tickling children

You get to play games and chat, and enjoy your time together. The photos are your memories of a great moment.

And you get over 100 photos! Think of how much your family would love to have photos of your kids too. You can get greeting cards, albums, frames to give as presents.

If you want to enquire about  family photography in Leicester or the East Midlands, please get in touch. 07763064497

Thank you. Alix