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Fun Family Portraits in Italy

Fun Family Portraits in Italy

I’m back and yes I had a lovely time, thank you! And as promised, some images of the family portraits I took while in Italy. The kids had grown up, it’s always a surprise how fast it goes when our time doesn’t seem to move so quickly. Alessandra and Angelo are just as gorgeous as they were, they don’t seem to age! Teenagers are slightly shy and very hard on themselves- well we all to some extent. I didn’t want to set them some silly games as I wasn’t sure they’d be up for it, so I asked them questions about each other and their life as a family, keeping it quite safe. Their family song was the only one I know from beginning to end in Italian so I enjoyed singing along too. We did the photos in the field next to their house, not moving much, but by the end they were happy to do some individual shots too, in their garden, not too scary.

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And of course, the family wouldn’t be complete without the animals. They weren’t as cooperative so didn’t get into the group shots but I still managed to capture their personalities.


If you’d like family portraits that capture your relationships and individual personalities- with or without pets- give me a ring 07763064497


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