Hargate Hall Wedding – Eclectic Wedding Inspiration

Hargate Hall Wedding: Eclectic Wedding Inspiration

Donna and Mark decided that one theme was not enough so their theme was; all that we like. And who can blame them. Eclectic is good and allows you to mix and match to your heart content knowing that no-one is there to judge you but to celebrate with you and enjoy the day. This post is about all the ideas they had that you could borrow. This is not featuring the whole wedding as there is a youtube virtual album of it, which I’ll link to at the end so you can still see the wedding from preparations to the first dance.

1-  Hearts of course. The first one was on the pillar you saw from the road so it put you in the romantic mood straight away.

hearts signage for wedding at Hargate Hall wedding

2- Hen Night Mementoes- a little present from the girls.

hen night mementoes at Hargate Hall wedding

3- And a little present from the One you are marrying, just to melt even further.

groom present at Hargate Hall wedding

4- Signage. Some generic ones and some personalised ones.

wedding signage at Hargate Hall wedding

5- Keeping the ones who’ve gone away in our hearts, and sharing this day with them

old photos at Hargate Hall wedding

6- I love these letters- no pun!

light letters at Hargate Hall wedding

7- the page boy had the rings, securely attached and the flower girl was supposed to spread the flowers on the floor but preferred keeping them. Just make sure you explain it well.

page boy and flower girl at Hargate Hall wedding

8- Fairy lights give these amazing effects I love.

fairy lights at Hargate hall wedding

9- Drinks and cake with a funfair (the wheel had cupcakes on it) and Alice flavour

drinks and cakes at Hargate Hall wedding

10- I love veils, but forgetting- oops- to put it on means you have two looks in one.

veil at Hargate Hall wedding

11- Archery as you can see on the title image, and birds of prey. It gave the guests something to do while we went into the woods to take some photos. We had two photo slots- about 15 min each if that, to make the most of different areas and lights. We also did some bridal portraits inside, you’ll see.

birds of prey at Hargate Hall wedding

12- Irish dancing, or at least an Irish band and lots of dancing.

Irish band at Hargate Hall wedding

13- A maypole: and why not? it’s fun and colourful and nobody ever gets it right.

Maypole at Hargate Hall wedding

14- A bouncy castle, and not just for the kids.

hargate hall wedding photographer_0147

15- An ice- cream van- There was a burger van later on too.

ice cream van at Hargate Hall wedding

16- A chaise longue in the middle of a field and a HUGE story book.

chaise longue at Hargate Hall wedding

17- A wedding planner to help beforehand and on the day: Linzi from That Black and White Cat. I must say she was a God’s send as I always had someone I could turn to and she didn’t even mind!

Lizni from that blaks and white cat wedding planner https://thatblackandwhitecat.co.uk/

That’s not a tip I just love these and couldn’t find a way to add them anywhere else. But if you want to see the whole wedding click here

bridal portraits https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVlk4o7BF0g

If you’re looking for wedding inspiration, do browse the blog, if you want tips and offers, ask me and I have many to send you. If you’re planning a wedding and are looking for a photographer, I’d love to hear from you, call me on 07763064497. Alix