Hindu wedding photography

Hindu wedding photography is so beautiful !
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Beyond the obvious vibrancy, warmth and fantastic lavishness  which make Hindu wedding photography so beautiful,  there are many aspects that really move me.

I love the meaning of the Saptapadi, the vows around the fire:

* to respect and honour each other;

* to share each other’s joy and sorrow;

* to be loyal to each other;

* to keep appreciating, learning, sharing values and serving;

* to seek purity and spiritual growth, and to serve our families;

* to follow the right path

* and finally to maintain friendship and love.

I have found other versions of these vows- including the welfare of future children, all of them beautiful. But it’s not all deep and meaningful, and it’s fab having some fun on the most important day of your life! from seeing who will sit down first- will it be her!- or where the shoe disappears, up to the game of findingthe rings in the coloured water. The chanting, the prayers in Sanskrit are mesmerising. I strain to hear the few words I recognise: Pooja, agni, etc…


With Alkesh I learnt some basic Gujarati and can follow some simple conversation and really enjoy being able to say a few phrases to relatives.

Hindu weddings reflect the culture and origin of the couple too, so I have seen grooms with turbans, beaded sehras, and swords. And of course, being in UK I’ve seen grooms on horses but also in Cinderella’s princess carriages.

No elephant so far but I keep hoping. Each couple makes the wedding their own and that’s what makes it exciting each time. Photographing several of the important days is really fantastic as I get to know the close family, from sagai to vidhi, mehendi and the wedding from the bridal preparations to the vidai. I love the dancing and do tear up at the end… I like to keep in touch with my couples and I photograph baby havans too.

Another reason that I love Hindu wedding photography  so much is that the first wedding I ever photographed- as a friend’s favour to Bhavin and Manisha- was a Hindu wedding over 2 days. When Bhav told me he liked my photos better than his photographer’s, I decided to do that professionally and Lumiere was born. Are you planning a hindu wedding or celebration? do you know someone who is? I’d love to hear from you! Please call 07763064497. I shoot Hindu weddings and celebrations in Leicester, Birmingham, London and further afield. Thank you . Alix


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