Informal Family Photography in the Peak District

With a big birthday, a significant anniversary and a yearly family get together, Lee and Fran decided to make the most of it.

They rented a house in the Peak District, near Buxton and asked me to capture their family and their couple in the beautiful landscape. Young children don’t want to sit still and do what they’re told, it’s the beauty of them, their wild energy, their appetite for life, movement, stories, games and the mad wind blowing their hair just helped them fly.

So we split the session into parents and kids, Lee and Fran and the rest of the family, some lined up groups and some natural shots, indoor and outdoors- it was very cold so we had to take breaks and warm up.  

A photoshoot is exactly what you want it to be, I am here to reflect on who you are, what you like, not order you about. For example, the little one had had enough of photos and wouldn’t line up with the big boys, but was very happy to feature upside down.

I don’t aim for well polished photos, everyone in matching tops and sitting symmetrically. I aim to reflect the vibrancy of family life, the hectic-ness- is this a word?  of it, the fact that what we plan doesn’t work out like that but when we get the kids into playing  and having fun, we can all enjoy the moment.

So I come with games and ideas in my sleeves and improvise according to what works with these particular little people. I weave  in some Beloved ideas into the session so the expressions are authentic, not posed or pretend, the aim is to have fun, the photos are there to capture that. If you want to create memories of your kids’ energy, imagination, liveliness, loveliness call me 07763064497 I can’t wait to meet them.

Alix x

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