Kelham Hall Wedding Newark, Nottinghamshire

Kelham Hall Wedding Newark, Nottinghamshire- Nikki and Guy

Kelham Hall is a really beautiful wedding venue. Set in Newark, Nottinghamshire, it has it’s own church and several beautiful rooms with their own gorgeous features. The gardens are fantastic too and there is plenty of scope for gorgeous wedding photographs as you will see on the virtual wedding album.

I was so glad that Nikki and Guy hired me as their wedding photographer, we were such a good match. Here is their story in their own words:

How we met? ; We both met through online dating. I think we were both fed up of meeting the same people who were not really quite suitable or the same type of people. Guy had been on the site for ages. I believe he had met a couple of women and was about to shut down his profile till I came along. I think my profile was live for about a week or so. Guy was the first person to catch my eye and we just hit it off straight away.

We both have quite childlike nature. We chatted online for ages joking we were going to meet up and maybe go to a swing park and play on the swings and slides. So eventually after several days chatting and talking all night we arranged to meet up one Saturday. Strangely enough though the Friday before he messaged me asking if I wanted to meet up tonight.  I made sure that our date was somewhere I was familiar with.

So…with his request to meet on the Friday I agreed and we could go to the cinema…in Hamilton…which was a good 1.5hrs away from him. I guess part of me was nervous to meet him and thought this might put him off but before I knew it I got a text saying he was on his way. So he travelled all the way to Hamilton cinema to meet. So I met him at the cinema and straight away he walked up and just planked a big kiss on me! I must say I was taken away by the move and he did warn me before hand that he planned to do it but so many guys say the are and don’t so I guess I just didn’t expect him to follow through. After this we just decided to wing it from there. So our viewing  wasn’t till around 10pm so we decided to stroll around .

We strolled down the town and there was a bar playing payphone by maroon 5. Funnily enough there was a payphone straight outside the bar and Guy ran up to it and started singing down the hand piece. Well that got me in stitches. After composing ourselves, he asked what I would like to do next. So I told him I wanted to show him a place…took his hand and took him….to a swing park!!! It was late at night it was deserted but near a main road and we carried on like a bunch of 5 year olds running around climbing on the massive climbing frames and sliding down the shoots. For all the times we talked about it and joked that it would be our first date and it turned out to be true. Basically the rest is history.

Blogs: I try not to go with what’s in style and work in my own style but pintrest is the best place if I am stuck on ideas or wedding fayres.
Best bits: That it will soon be over and I will be married to my best friend for life (cheesy I know)…and my dress of course.
Concerns: Nothing is going to go right, it will all be a disaster and no one will turn up.”

Thankfully Nikki’s concerns didn’t come true, it was a wonderful day. They were a bit frustrated because the venue had told them they would be in the main room with the gardens and as there was another wedding on the day, they were given another room, but to me, the room was beautiful and we had the gardens in the evening so we had the best of both worlds.

Have a look at how beautiful everything was!

When I asked Nikki about the people who helped her make her wedding, she said:

“So nice to hear from you!Yes we are still as happy as we were on the day.

How are things with you?

I still pull the wedding album out a lot. Really can’t thank you enough for the photos!

Wedding details:

Dress was called Marlene (mocca colour) by Sophia Tolli which I bought from Lilly’s Bridals in Sutton on Ashfield.

The bridesmaids were in Alfred Angelo dresses in Ivory again from the same bridal store.

The photobooth was a big hit to keep everyone entertained. The keyrings were a great idea for the initial favours and gave everyone a souvenir from the wedding.
The photobooth was by Claire, but that is all the info I really have on that.

There is a facebook page photobooths by Claire.

Mum really deserves a mention. She was there when I had dramas with the wedding organisation from bridesmaids etc, to my sister not showing up. She was the one that came up with the idea of the hearts for decorating the church. Which I still have one of. She also came up with the small box favours for everyone and ordered the chocolates and perfume/aftershave samples to put in them all.

To be honest one person who really deserves a mention is yourself. The photos are beyond amazing, and you were there to remind me through the hiccups of the wedding that it didn’t matter. I was married to one of my best friends and the photos showed me that I actually did have an amazing day and everyone else did too.

They are photos that captured the special moments that I will have for the rest of my life.

Thank you sooo much again for everything!!!”
What a lovely bride, in a gorgeous venue and with a dress I did fall in love with!
If you’re looking for a photographer for a Kelham Hall wedding, or a wedding elsewhere, please get in touch. Thank you. Alix.