Leicester Family Photographer: Outdoors photoshoot to capture kids being kids

Leicester Family Photographer: Outdoors photoshoot to capture kids being kids

As a family photographer I find that natural, outdoors family portraits capture your family as it is: no posing, no cheating, no cheesy smile- just real fun, real memories and beautiful images.

I make albums for our family and I can see my kids grow from January to December, so it’s important to get good photos regularly.

Tom and Rose get at least one photoshoot per year, mixing seasons. Tom has lost some of his little boy’s face and Rose is on the edge between toddler and little girl, a fascinating time, just starting to talk, but already very clear about what she wants!

At the beginning of the session, it is always slightly awkward, the kids are not sure where to look, but they get into playing and we explore all the different play areas they have in the garden.  Tom is a fabulous big brother to Rose, he plays with her and of course she adores him -and bosses him around too.Leicester Family Photographer kids playing  This garden near Leicester has its own stream and the children love it, so many things to do and explore. It starts with Pooh sticks, then “fishing” and goes on to more daring adventures. Tom swings over the stream and I must say the first time I so wanted to take him off it, scared he might fall in- it was autumn- but children must fly and take risks and it was now summer and warm so no stopping him!Leicester Family Photographer boy by streamLeicester Family Photographer boy with swing Rose of course,  wanted to do whatever her brother was doing so the swing was a safer alternative.Leicester Family Photographer girl with swing A little tiredness, a little wobble, Mum came out and went to look at the horses in the field next door and all was suddenly better. Capturing interactions is so much more personal than posing people.Leicester Family Photographer mother and daughter Dad came back from work and the children were delighted to have him back and play together. Leicester Family Photographer kids and dad Do you want to get unique memories of your family as they are right now, before the kids grow even more? Give me a call 07763064497.