Leicester Muslim Wedding photographer

Leicester Muslim Wedding Photographer: mosque and City rooms wedding


H. wanted a female photographer to be with her for both the mehndi and the muslim wedding day.  First we did a pre-wedding shoot to get the feel of taking photos together. We got on  really well straight away  so when I shot the mehendi party and the wedding, it felt as if we’d already been friends a long time.

I was with the bride as she got ready. I went with her to the mosque in Leicester and saw the men signing the papers on screen. I stayed with the women  and took photos that I later put on a separate gallery with a private password so the women’s privacy was respected. We then went around the City Rooms to take some couple photos, the bride’s red sari was very striking against both red and white doors and walls.

I stayed with them until the rukhsati but we stayed in touch, she invited me for her baby shower and  I visited them after the birth of their first son ( update: and saw her recently and met her second son) 

If you ‘re looking for a Leicester Muslim wedding photographer, who gives you fresh, natural images as well as capturing the ceremony and the group shots, give me a ring on 07763064497. 

I can honestly not praise Alix enough. She made me feel calm and collected on my wedding day and I not only think of her as an outstanding photographer but think of her as a lifelong friend. I still get complimented on my wedding photos till this day!  Alix was always there in the background, capturing moments that I look back on now  and they make me cry and smile all at once. From start to finish Alix was an absolute gem! we would both like to thank you for being not only being such a great photographer but being there throughout the whole wedding process and making it that little bit more special x

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The YouTube video was taken down at the request of the bride as she was being stalked! so I’m only sharing my favourites here, not the full wedding.

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