Leicestershire Family Portraits

Leicestershire Family Portraits

Family portraits are a great occasion to have everyone on the photo at the same time, as well as having fun together and getting totally natural photos of the kids playing. Having photos of you, the one who usually takes the photos, means the photos are memories of all of you, which the kids will love later on in life.

It is also said that kids who grow up with photos of themselves around the house have better self-esteem. I’d add only if the photos are really of them, not of a pretend set up which makes them cringe every time they see the photos as I do when I see the studio photos my mum had had of me!

This session was in spring and we had plenty of dandelions to play with. I also bring toys and surprises as well as games so don’t worry about the children not behaving, just tell them that we’re going to play games together and that they will have surprises. It is ok for them to want to explore and do their things, we’ll also find ways to take photos of all of you together.

Leicestershire family portraits in black and whiteLeicestershire family portraits in colour Leicestershire family portraits in black and white

If you’re looking for relaxed family portraits in Leicestershire or nearby, please get in touch 07763064497.

Thank you. Alix