Maternity photographer in Leicester

Maternity photography is really special. Despite the backache and the heavy legs, the swaddling and the getting up in the night, it is a magical time.

The bundle we carry is such a precious one, and we are blessed I think to carry it. As with all my portraits I want to make them individual to the person, Here I took some lights to have fun with if energy allowed, and everyone got involved.

These last days are also a turning point in our relationship with our children as the baby will come first for a while. And sometimes we wonder if we will be able to love the new one as much as we love the one we’re holding, so little still, and who will become the big one very soon..

A time of transitions and growth, of letting go and loving more. I find it special also because women try so hard to be thin a lot of the time, not liking themselves unless flat, yet this is a time where roundness is celebrated- not that it shouldn’t be at other times! Maternity portraits illustrate the beauty of roundness, it’s femininity par excellence. Here are some maternity portraits in Leicester shot at the client’s home

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