maternity photoshoot at home in front of bedroom window

Maternity photoshoot at home

The first maternity photoshoot at home we did was in Loughborough and I’d brought studio lighting. For these pregnancy photos it was in Valencia and I had only a minimal equipment with me so we played around the house, looking for ideas, light, quirky things to do and had a lot of fun.

One thing that often works well in this time of utter ripeness is silhouettes so we started in front of her bedroom window and tried poses, outfits etc until we liked what we had. I like involving the person in front of me, not treating them like an object!

On the bed we looked for minimalism, evoking rather than showing. I like this kind of minimal lighting for pregnancy photos. What do you think?

maternity photos at home on the bed with minimal lighting
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And then we had fun around the house. Doors, doorways, sofa, kitchen..

maternity photography at home on the sofa
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I am very fond of transparency, and I love lace, such lovely detail, don’t you think?
pregnancy photos at home details of the bump
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I don’t like cutting women’s bodies to pieces but one photo of the bump is lovely, this magical place where a new life is growing…

And then, we got hungry, so life came back to normal. Everyday life is definitely worth capturing too, not just artistic moments! Pregnancy is a special time but it’s also a busy time for the body and the woman, especially if it’s not the first baby!

Afterwards we did some pregnancy photos on the beach and in town, to see the whole shoot, click here

If you or anyone you know is pregnant – it’s a lovely gift idea for a mum to be!- would like some maternity photoshoot at home or outdoors, do get in touch! Thank you.


Alix Akasha

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