Mini photoshoot with Mother and Daughter 


” It was so spontaneous! it was at the end of taking photos of my daughter and Alix said why not have some of the two of you, so we didn’t know what to do but she got us to interact and we were laughing so much.  what she captured is how we get on, how close we are and I’m so grateful for that! “


Yes the shoot was for the young lady, but I’m so glad mum was there as she kept her more relaxed and not focused on me and my lens.

It’s only natural that you will feel and look more relaxed and natural with people you love and feel safe with rather than with a photographer, however nice!

mini photoshoot with mother and daughter

For this reason, it’s good to do photoshoots with friends, siblings, anyone you get on well with, and actually I’ve done it with strangers and it’s still easier than doing it alone since it’s possible to play games, interact, forget the self consciousness we feel in front of a camera.

The shoot was a bit last minute so I lent Eloise one of my tee shirts to bring out the green in her eyes and we found some greenery to frame her face. 

Then she wanted to wear her favourite colour so we found some white garage doors to take different portraits. These are just a small selection of course. 

mini photoshoot with mother and daughter

At the end, I just suggested some photos of the two of them since they will both treasure these memories. Mum as Eloise grows up and spends less time at home.  Eloise when she looks  at how lucky she is to have such a fun, energetic, life-affirming, supportive mum.

I never know what is going to happen between people so I was delighted to see how much fun they shared, how close they are. mini photoshoot with mother and daughter


Photoshoots don’t have to be that long either, so if you want a mini photoshoot with mother and daughter, or with your friends, siblings etc, get in touch, I’d love to see you have fun!