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Natural children photography in autumn

Natural children photography in autumn

If you’re worried about booking a photoshoot in autumn, don’t be, the  fabulous colours more than make up for the unpredictable and rather wet weather. There are many ways of keeping warm, and dry- or to make the most of the weather even, with great wellies, scarves and hats – and if all fails, we can reschedule.

These photos are from a photography retreat I did with Vicki Knights, a family photographer near Brighton. I love learning and meeting other photographers so it was a real treat to have these few days away.  The little girl, Essie Beau, is a model! She is in the Next catalogue at the moment, but at 3 and a half, she is still shy and her reactions are very natural. Her best smiles are when she looks at mum, or even better plays with her or is cheeky to her. I like capturing relationships, connections as it’s when we are most open and vibrant so I included mum in a few shots despite her preference for being behind us.

I don’t tend to pose children, I might find a good place to take photos but then I interact with them, or give them games to play and capture that. Mum asked her to remove her fingers form her mouth, but it’s so her that I kept some  like that, it’s her way of being shy and very young, I find it very moving.

I want the photos to reflect the personality of the children, their relationships, their inner world, so I don’t always choose photos where they look at the camera or where they’re smiling.

Regular photoshoots are a fantastic way to make sure all of you are in the family album each year, so you keep all these priceless memories. And frames make great gifts for the grandparents!

If you want to book yours, please call me on 07763064497.

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