Nottingham Family photoshoot at Rushcliffe Park

Nottingham Family Photoshoot at Ruschcliffe Park

It was Jenny’s birthday and it was a perfect day. She wanted a natural family photoshoot on location so we went to Rushcliffe Park, between Loughborough and Nottingham. The park is vast enough to create different activities, interests and backgrounds. The children had fun exploring the various areas of this park, including some with giant wooden sculptures.  I loved following them around, capturing their interactions, seeing their different moods and exploits.  It was such a fun, relaxed experience, and even gathering the whole family didn’t result in unnatural, stilted photos, the kids are far too alive for this.

A mix of reportage- ie totally natural, no intervention from the photographer- and some acitivities works really well as it allows for each personality to be captured while giving parents and children some games to play together. The best part of the day is spending quality time with your family without having the kids being bored or you worrying about them behaving well. It’s their treat too, just a fun afternoon with their parents, free to be themselves, with photos that capture your children’s spirit and sense of fun, their moods and love.

And with so many photos to choose from, Jenny decided that the best way was to get an album.

Upside down is great too, and climbing such fun!

Peek a boo with Daddy

Tender time with Dad

Special time with Mum


Tickling is great, such funny faces, including Dad!

Celebrating your family

Ruschcliffe Park has great sculptures to climb over, under and jump from.

There are woods to explore and more climbing to do.


Some sustenance is necessary after so much exercise and you don’t need to talk to be clear.

Slightly tired parents, enjoying sitting on the grass for a while!

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