Outdoors Engagement Photos


Being outdoors for an engagement photo shoot gives so much more scope and range for the photos. The couple is more relaxed because we can walk about and chat. I get to know the couple, what they like, how they met, what their ideas are for their wedding. can you guess what colours Bev and Wez like? Have a guess at their colour scheme for the wedding? Yes bright and bold, with orange, green and yellow too, but mostly orange. We went to some woods I didn’t know in Leicestershire and expored together, with some poses to take photos. By letting them interact, I capture real expressions and remove the pression to pose and feel awkward.

outdoors engagement photos - summer

It was great to do the engagement photos in summer as it was warm and sunny. And they got the guest book done in time for their wedding as it only takes 2 weeks to print.  See their wedding here at Prestwold Hall.

If you’d like some outdoors engagement photos, please read more about it here or just get in touch. Thank you. Alix