Outdoors Wedding, in Sweden!

Destination wedding photographer in Sweden

I have already explained how Sahra and Erik organised their outdoors wedding to keep it home-made, cheaper and very friendly in another post.
Today I want to share the story of their day, from the preparations at the Skandic Hotel in Stockholm to the late hotdogs in the marquee when it got cooler and everyone wrapped themselves in the blankets.

Sahra and Erik have been together 13 years and have an adorable little boy- we took time away with him to go and watch the horses which he loves.

They kept some traditions and played with them, for example, they wanted to walk down the aisle together, so he went to wait for her and still had that first look moment, getting so nervous before he sees her and totally overwhelmed when he does.

Sahra is one of 10 children but she only had one bridesmaid, while her other sisters helped, sang and were part of the day in different ways.

Speeches were throughout the day so it added excitement, with fun things like asking the groom to recognise his wife’s kisses on paper etc.

The couple shots were taken at different times too to make the most of different lights- bright day light, golden hour and sunset. I was a present in this DIY wedding, as they value photography, the groom’s brother whom I’d met at another wedding- and whose wedding I since shot-  bought me over as a present. No wrapping though.

There was no cutting of the cake or first dance as it didn’t mean much to them. At the end of the day, your wedding has got to include what is important to you and not necessarily what everyone else is doing, hasn’t it?

If you or any of your friends are planning an outdoors wedding, please get in touch!
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