Pagan wedding vow renewal in Leicester

Pagan wedding vow renewal in Leicester

They celebrated 30 years of being married and some of their guests had been with them 30 years ago.  It was a celebration of a love that evolved as they changed yet stays fresh and fun.

In druidic fashion, the guests were in a circle and an arch was made for the couple to enter. In the middle, an altar . One celebrant dressed in robes welcomed the couple and the guests who had volunteered called the directions. East for air: for new ideas and new beginnings, for inspiration and lightness. South for fire: passion, warmth, hearth. West for water: emotions, love, creativity, kindness. North for Earth: the solidity of the rocks, the grounding of the roots, the stability and support of the ground.  Ancestors were called and welcomed too, as without them we wouldn’t be here.

Rick and Jules stood in their fabulous hair colours and wonderful attire, they had prepared 4 boards to share with us: how they met- their wedding, their children, the future. They each had a piece of jewellery that was passed round the circle, each person blessing them and shouting their vows for them: passion, laughter, fun, health… so when they came back to them they were charged with positivity. They gave each other the token of their renewed commitment and read or said their speech to each other, renewing their commitment and as it was near sunset, we could all see their breath as they talked to each other.

Their youngest child came into the circle to give them crystals with good wishes, each stone carefully chosen to give them support for the future.

Of course, all celebrations include food and drink so mead and bread were passed round with the blessing: may you never thirst, may you never hunger.

Everyone came in to shower them with rose petals and formed an double line to sing and shout to them as they left.

It was funny, moving, different, beautiful and yes, cold. I did get teary eyed, and loved the autumn light and colours, until I couldn’t feel my toes anymore.

I enjoyed photographer’s freedom to roam and take photos near and far, of details and guest portraits.

Afterwards, we were all invited for food, drinks, music and karaoke at their house. The cake  by the Hairy Coconut deli was perfect with a beautiful woodland theme and  the berries tasted lovely with the rich chocolate. , totally scrumptious!  we warmed up toasting marshmallows on the fire and indoors catching up with old friends and making new ones.

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