Pre-wedding photos at Bradgate Park

Couple photos outside wedding days capture what you are everyday so in a way they are a truer reflection of both of you. The photoshoot is also a chance to reconnect, to forget wedding planning and to-do lists and just rememeber why you love each other. It is a time of connection and relaxation, pure love, pure joy, pure peace.

Emma and Simon chose to have their pre-wedding photos at Bradgate park as their first choice- Calke Abey- closes in the evening and we wanted to make the most of the golden hour, this special time where the sun just caresses your face.

Simon and Emma are so at home with each other, no banter, no games, no giggles, just peace and the light in their eyes when they look at each other, no words necessary. I’d say they found a home in each other and that they have each other’s back whatever happens. They feel solid, admire each other and want what’s best for the other. I am always moved by how my couples manifest their love and commitment.pre-wedding photos at Bradgate Park lumiere photography

If you’re looking for pre-wedding photos at Bradgate Park or in your favourite location, give me a ring on 07763064497. I hope to see you soon. Alix