Beloved: Shereen and Jas pre-wedding photoshoot at Whatton Gardens.

Beloved: a way to capture natural expressions, authentic emotions for pre-wedding photoshoots and others

I won’t lie, it was my first Beloved pre-wedding photoshoot. So I was a bit unsure about many things.

I knew I could get them beautiful photos but Beloved?

They loved the experience, and they loved the photos, and I felt I had been part of something more than a pre-wedding photoshoot, something  precious, deep and beautiful.

I will write more about Beloved, but I wanted first to present it in action. Shereen and Jas were the perfect couple to do it with and have several others booked so I can’t wait!

1- Beloved is fun, games, lightness, playful.

pre-wedding shoot couple having fun


2- Each session is unique to you, your story, your history, it’s not for couples who’ve just met so it’s perfect for pre-wedding and anniversaries. There is also a version for kids and families, different games and interactions but all authentic, fun and full of themed wedding ideas


3-Beloved is about sharing- with each other- I am there to witness and capture, not to eavesdrop. It is about celebrating love with an open heart, it takes courage to be vulnerable but the results are much more than photos, it’s an affirmation of who you are as individuals who love each other, and as a themed wedding ideas


Do you want fun, emotional, authentic photos of the two of you, or you and your family? Still not sure Beloved is for you? Please read more about couples photoshoots here and call me and have a chat 0776 306 4497 I would love to share that with you.