Pre-wedding Photoshoot in Nottingham

With one month to go before the wedding, the pre-wedding photoshoot in Nottingham seemed like a taster of the big day. It really helps to go through the experience of having the photographer point their big lenses at you before the day where you have lots of other emotions. Once it’s done, you have one less thing to be worried about. Most people are nervous in front of the camera and worried about having their photos taken so the method I use gives you things to do so you concentrate on each other rather than feel awkward and shy

.pre-wedding shoot at wollaton hall nottingham

We started with some light games but the aim of the session is to celebrate your love, your history, your future too. I create a space for you to feel and connect- our lives are so busy it’s easy to concentrate on the to-do lists and forget the magic between us. The photos capture the moments so when you look at them you don’t remember feeling awkward, you remember that’s when he told you what made him fall in love or what she first noticed about you that made her feel differently about you.pre-wedding shoot near Wollaton lake

Donna and Mark live together and work together, long hours, no week ends, but instead of needing space from each other, they appreciate how supportive each other is, how reliable and helpful they both are , how they couldn’t do without each other. They laugh a lot together . He knows she has backache and she knows how worried he is about having his photo taken. He knows she is strong but still wants to protect her and take care of her. She knows how to make him melt and engage him so he forgets the camera. They are such a good team and really appreciate each other.pre-wedding couple Nottingham

I love the connection and laughter they share

pre-wedding portraits nottinghampre-wedding photos at Wollaton Hall Nottinghamengagement shoot nottingham pre-wedding photoshoot nottingham pre-wedding photoshoot nottingham pre-wedding photoshoot nottingham pre-wedding photoshoot nottingham

If you’re looking to capture the love and fun of your relationship, give me a call 07763064497. I usually do pre-wedding photoshoots in Nottingham, Leicester and Derby but can travel further afield .Please read more about couples photoshoots here.


Myself and particularly Mark who hates having his photo taken arrived a little nervous as we had no idea what to expect from this shoot… and it was amazing. From the first moment Alix put us as ease and I would recommend her Beloved Shoot to anybody. Alix gently directed us by prompting us with a variety of questions about us and our relationship. This meant that we were talking naturally to each other and being ourselves which really shows in her beautiful photos. Because we were talking and sharing our thoughts and feelings with each other it never felt forced or awkward just fun. From a personal view my partner said some lovely things which has given me a further boost of confidence going into the wedding next month, we came away feeling more connected than ever. Thank you Alix for making this such a moving and enjoyable experience for us we cant wait to see you on our wedding day.