A brave mum to be: Pregnancy photography outdoors in winter!

I have been delaying blogging about this pregnancy shoot because there are so many photos I want to share, and the cold-braving mum-to-be wants a lot of them to stay private.

I totally understand yet I want to show the photos because they are wonderful- if I say so myself 🙂 Of course privacy and trust are more important but I was waiting to see if she would change her mind about some which are very modest.

I might get to do another blog about the indoor photos. We did some really lovely ones with a feather boa around her belly, some just chilling on the sofa, some in the mirror and some really fabulous silhouettes in front of the curtain, which could be antique medallions methinks.

Photos in nature give us space to breathe and  I was grateful she was fierce and brave and drove me to this area of incredible beauty. The clouds added drama but we even had some blue sky despite the wind and bitter cold.

I know a pregnant belly keeps you warm but she had to wrap up in between shots, I couldn’t feel my fingers when we huddled back in the car. We had chatted about ideas and looked on the Aladdin’s cave of ideas and inspiration that is Pinterest so we had brought ideas and props to improvise with.

I do love the red veil floating in the wind. I really like the silhouette through the umbrella.We were looking for a photos including the baby so we tried the rabbit.

There are many photos like that and I always cringe a bit, do you think it’s sweet or twee? Marielle and Glynn- I did some portraits of dad to be too as he gets slightly forgotten sometimes- really like black and white images, they have a different but equally endearing charm, what do you think? Let me know which one you like best

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