Preston Court Wedding Photography

Preston Court Wedding Photography

Preston Court is a unique wedding venue as it offers the charm of Kentish barns with a funfair ride, a vintage Gypsy bow top and some steam engines. It has many beautiful features including a gorgeous garden pavilion and even some peacocks!

When Andrea and Ryan talked to me about the venue at their pre-wedding photoshoot, I was really curious and couldn’t wait but I must say it was even better than I thought. They were married in the barn , where beautiful organs give a a touch of vintage and fantasy. I love how they decorated it with the moon-like lights. The barn was also a great background for group shots as the dark wood set the colours off beautifully.

It was a cold day and many people gathered around the burner in the other room while the first one was set up for the evening meal and reception. But we still had time to take a wide range of photos, making the most of this amazing wedding venue.

The speeches were moving, but also very funny , with the best man getting masks done with Ryan’s face on it, not looking his best. Oops. but it was forgiven and they had a great party.

You can see the wedding published on the English Wedding Blog

Here is the slideshow of their day:
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